I Didn’t Want To Be Aroused By My Sexual Assault, But I Was

«This shame, self-blame, and confusion could be avoided if we learned about the complexities of sexual violence: that it doesn’t always involve a morally unambiguous criminal who the victim despises, and the victim can experience emotions other than pure disgust.»

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«We’re Out of Options»: Doctors Battle Drug-Resistant Typhoid Outbreak

In China gibt es einen Strang Gonorrhoe, der beinahe omniresistent ist, in Pakistan Typhus. Wenn es so weitergeht, erleben wir nicht mal mehr den 100. Geburtstag des Penicillins in zehn Jahren, ohne wehmütig an die Zeit zurückdenken zu müssen, als Antibiotika noch wirkten.

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It's All In Your Head: The Dangers of Disbelieving Female Pain

«Existing in tandem with the disbelief of female pain is the notion that women should experience pain—that it’s ingrained in the ‹feminine› experience. In the ER we’re asked, ‹Are you sure it’s not that time of the month?› When we complain to our parents, or peers, or doctors that our cramps are debilitating, we’re handed painkillers and heating pads but rarely answers. We’re told that periods are supposed to hurt. We’re told that symptoms like nausea, headaches, and debilitating abdominal pain are all just part of the ride. We’re told that everything looks ‹normal.›»

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